Rules-Please read all postings in locker rooms, changing rooms, on door ways and on pool deck for your safety.

Children 4 and under must have an adult with them in the water at all times-this is a state guideline.

Children under the age of 8 must have an adult with them supervising from the pool deck or may be in the water as well.

Again, all rules posted in the facility are for health and safety purposes.  Lifeguards and WAC staff will enforce all guidelines.  We appreciate your observance and adherence in this matter.

Daily Admissions
4 and under Free with Paid Adult
Ages 5-11 $4.00 and (veterans/military with ID)
Ages 12-59 $6.00
Ages 60 plus $5.00

Punch cards have 11 swims
Punch pass for ages 5-11 $40.00
Punch pass for ages 12-59 $60.00
Punch pass for ages 60 plus $50.00
Punch pass for (veterans/military with ID) $40.00

For annual memberships we offer family, student, single adult, adult couple, corporate and military-please call or stop by for more information.

Party Room

Rent room for birthday party for $60.00/cost covers up to 10 swimming patrons and chaperones of party are free

Room is rented out for 2 hours/must clean up afterwards

Need minimum deposit of $50 and all paperwork completed to secure day and time

*If you are a member please call us for your discounted rate

Hydro Aerobics

Winter hours

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:30 PM

Summer hours

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday-call for information

Punch pass for 9 can be purchased-Non-Members $40.00/Seniors Age 60 plus $35.00

Members are free during winter hours when there is no instructor

*During the summer when there is an instructor fees for members is $30.00 and other rates stay the same

Drop in rate $7.00

Member drop in rate $5.00




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