Membership Benefits

Benefits are for yearly memberships only and not punch passes or quarterly passes.
Benefits are as listed:
$10.00 off swim lessons                                      (Ex. Non-Member $40/Member $30)
$10.00 off private parties                                   (Ex. $200 Non-Member/$180 Member)
$10.00 off party room rental                               (Ex. Non-Member $60/Member $50)
$30 key rental (one time fee) as long as you maintain a membership (lost key replacement $30).  Locker agreement to be filled out for a key.
*On discounts please ask front desk for further information
*Discounted rates during school or special themed events
*Discounted rates off Hydro Aerobics
*Discounted rates off special courses (i.e. Adventure Scuba, etc.)
*Will have 3 free passes a year for family or friends/WAC will track patrons
*Lap swimming always available
Continue to watch this posting as it may update specials for members

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