Upcoming Events


For your information:

“Mommy and Me” play time is back. Cost is $30 for three months.
Cost covers one parent and child (infant to age 4)

“August-October” session 1
“November-January” session 2
“February-April” session 3

Open times-Tuesday starting at 8:00 AM and Thursday starting at 11:00 AM will be designated times for play time. Stop by front desk to register.


Coming soon-Adult evening swim lessons starting in September (TBD)


Coming soon-Fall Battleship Contest-start getting your teams ready (TBD)

Coming soon-Call of Duty Water Gun Fight (TBD)


*Stay tune to our Summer Swim Lesson’s of 2018

*Just as a reminder swim lesson cost will go up $5 for members and non-members starting the year 2018.


  Sessions Offered Time Available for Each Session
1ST   8:50-9:30 9:40-10:20 10:30-11:10 11:20-12:00
2nd   8:50-9:30 9:40-10:20 10:30-11:10 11:20-12:00
3rd   8:50-9:30 9:40-10:20 10:30-11:10 11:20-12:00
4th   8:50-9:30 9:40-10:20 10:30-11:10 11:20-12:00

*Private and semi-private lessons also available.           

Private lessons costs:

One Child for 8 lessons for approximately 30-40 minutes in duration

Member $80.00      Non-Member $90.00

Semi-Private lesson costs:

Two children for 8 lessons for approximately 30-40 minutes in duration

Member $65.00 per child    Non-Member $75.00 per child


Lifeguard Class

If interested in becoming a lifeguard please stop by the front desk and ask for David for further information. Cost is $135 dollars to the WAC, this include fees paid to American Red Cross.   Ther lifeguard training will be about 29 plus hours to complete the course.

You must pass the pre-course to begin class officially.  Must swim 300 yards demonstrating front-crawl/freestyle format along with the breaststroke.  Must secure a 10lb brick from the 7ft mark in the deep end of the competition pool in 1:30 seconds.  And, finally you must be able to tread water for 2 minutes without using your arms.





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